Boreal Halo by French artist Vincent Leroy 万变之舞--北方光环



罗马尼亚加勒斯特当代艺术国家博物馆的巨型装置Boreal Halo,是一个十米直径的大装置,白色,占据整个房间,在器械的操纵下柔和轻缓的运动。



The National Museum of Contemporary Art –Bucharest, Romania presents..
Boreal Halo, by French artist Vincent Leroy,The ten-meter diameter Installation art rotates in a mesmerizing and

hypnotic way inside one of the many empty rooms of the grand palace of the overthrown dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

The juxtaposition between the abundance of moldings and the sobriety of the marble makes the installation absolutely

striking. The existing elements of the room are perfect to perceive the lightness of the artwork. A dream is revealed.

This gigantic ring floats with utmost grace, softness and voluptuousness against the hard and cold marble of the

Bucharest Palace. Vincent Leroy plays as he slows down the time anddisplays his magical mechanism. And the

spectators are captured in the playful and dreamy dance of the gigantic halo.The artwork encompasses poetry,

technology and freedom of spirit. Exudes air and lightness. And the movement above all, gives life, astonishment

and continuous change of perspective.The mechanism is simple yet achieves visual lightness, soft and sensual

fluid motion.The artwork finds its smooth pulse, moving to the natural rhythm of its own internal harmony.

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