这个课程设计探讨“图示符号(Notation)与概念(Concept)”。在这里研究的是虚拟世界社交的亲密程度(Social Intimacy),分析它的形成过程和其中的行为变化。


导师:Bernard Tschumi
合作:Aminah Alkanderi


第二部分是概念设计,要求结合运用第一部分的成果,生成一个新的建筑类型。在这里我研究的是虚拟世界社交的亲密程度(Social Intimacy),分析了它的形成过程和其中的行为变化。然后将虚拟的亲密程度赋予物理的形得到新的公共与私密空间的建筑类型。图示符号中开阔地与隐蔽的丛林被转化为建筑中空的部分与实的部分(Poche);地形的限制转化为空间的平面与剖面相交;垂直的电梯与斜交的楼梯代表了快速与慢速的建立亲密关系的步骤;建筑中斜切掉的部分代表了对抗中的损害。

This work explores “Notation and Concept“. The first part “Notation“ is to develop a specific mode of notation based on an existing disciplinary. The notation derives from that disciplinary will be converted into two dimensional notation and three dimensional notation step by step. I chose the battlefield map and reconfigured the two forces by building their contradicting and balancing.

The second part “Concept“ is to generate a new typology of architecture based on the outcome of “Notation”. The way I did is to generate a new typology of architectural spaces by translating virtual relationships into physical behaviors, and materializing the process of building intimacy of social media. Flatland and covert jungle are translated into open space and poche. The landscape is converted into perpendicular system where two forces as section and plan intersect each other to produce unexpected spaces. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal connections are added to respond three speeds of establishing intimacy. Intersection of contradictory interfaces results in cutaway surfaces.

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