Pino Street House / Oscar Gutiérrez 我是寂静 -- 墨西哥皮诺街住宅






Located in an environment dominated by homes which have been built and occupied by their owners, between the Guadalajara City limits and the rural landscape, this house meets the needs of a small family with an active social life.

The design strategy was to assign most of the built area to the ground level allowing the existence of uncovered areas in the upper level. Thehouse is concentrated towards the southeast boundary, creating access to the most attractive landscapes and correct sun exposure.

The house is divided by a courtyard that creates parallel paths between social and family life, while also creating a feeling of amplitude. It provides privacy to each individual section of the house.

The ground floor is of split-level design, consisting of various platforms adapted to the differing heights of the natural terrain. These platforms surround the courtyard and have different uses and atmospheres.
The upper floor consists of three areas, all of which overlook the landscape: two rooms on either side are connected by a hallway and a staircase. The common terrace and balcony establish a relationship with the garden and courtyard on the ground floor, together forming a linear sequence of open spaces.

The house tries to be unnoticed, it behaves like a silence inserted in the Mexican landscape.




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